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On the whole, individuals with a higher sense of meaning in life a few years earlier were later living lives characterised by health and well-being. Sober living houses Individuals using existing family bonds for meaning-making have a “change in outlook and/or behavior towards family members”.

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We’ve all heard of people who have everything they thought they wanted — the perfect job, home, spouse, etc. — but who were not content. On the other hand, we’ve heard stories of people who have given it all up to pursue a passion, and found meaning and richness of life along the way. So, it’s safe to say there’s more to a meaningful life than just happiness.

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And I look forward to a future which will feel as meaningful as it does today. If you’re interested in the concept of meaning and how you can cultivate more meaning in your life, either your personal or professional lives, here is a piece that might give you some idea. For decades, psychologists have studied how long-term, meaningful goals develop over the span of our lives. The goals that foster a sense of purpose are ones that can potentially change the lives of other people, like launching an organization, researching disease, or teaching kids to read. We are all faced with challenging, yet essential questions that help us understand meaning and purpose in life. We ask these questions because we have the inherent desire to make sense of ourselves, the world around us, and life in general.

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As such, we can also increase or decrease the value of our lives with practice, effort, action, and thought. “I can ruin or build friendships, upgrade or downgrade my health, and practice or neglect my German. It would be surprising if in this particular sphere of value, the meaning of life, things were different from how they are in all the other spheres,” he writes. For instance, if you’re feeling the urge to take action on the pandemic and you’ve got logistical chops, you might help take charge of your company’s Covid-response planning. If you’re moved to work on issues related to politics or social justice and you have a background in HR, you could team up with like-minded colleagues to help your firm devise fairer hiring policies and promotion practices.

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Our brains invent meaning as a way to explain all the crazy shit that is going on in the world around us. This is important, as it helps us predict and control our lives. Viewing your life in a big-picture context can help you develop a how to create meaning better picture of where you came from and where you’d like to go. Use this exercise to see your whole story, from birth to death. Our life can be seen as a nautilus that adds new chambers to its shell as it grows and needs more space.

Or as complex as working on the new great breakthrough in physics. As humans, we have a constant need to attach meaning to everything that happens in our lives. As we do, at different stages of our lives, we find different questions and different possibilities.

“Those who live meaningful lives develop positive, authentic connections with others,” Thompson says. “A person who desires a meaningful life must first accept reality, no matter how bleak,” he says. Happiness isn’t the key ingredient to meaning, and to find a meaningful life you also need to accept that life comes with good times and bad, Thompson says. It can be easy to overthink whether or not your life has meaning. But if you find yourself questioning whether you have a meaningful life or not, chances are you have some work to do.

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So you create meaning to life by first deciding and embarking upon the life that you wish to live. Your statement to the universe is your degree in which you are prepared to work towards your passion and your purpose. So to create meaning in one’s life, it is important that you simplify your life by finding out what is important to you. I suggest that you make a list and take the time to contemplate what the most important aspects of your life are and eliminate anything which competes against the pursuit of this importance.

  • It’s common to think that a meaningful life is one full of happiness.
  • “What makes a human life have meaning or significance is not the mere living of a life, but reflecting on the living of a life,” he writes.
  • You get stuck in a rut, and you start to feel less satisfied with where you imagined your life would be and present-day realities.

Sometimes, another person’s pain can lead us to purpose. When Christopher Pepper was a senior in high school, a “trembling, tearful friend” told him that she had been raped by a classmate. “I comforted as well as I could, and left that conversation vowing that I would do something to keep this from happening to others,” says Christopher.

How To Cope With A Midlife Crisis

It can be worth exploring what your suffering has contributed to your life — the lessons it has taught or the people it has brought in — and reflecting on how those things have increased meaningfulness. Despite that, Thompson doesn’t have any easy explanation for what makes life meaningful. You need to shift your identity and realize that the dreams, the job, the marriage, the fulfillment, the goals, and the lifestyle is 100% your responsibility. Maybe you’re reading this, and you know if you’ve still got it. If this resonates with you, it’s still there but you need to stoke the flames and get closer to what makes you excited. A study found that only 10% to 20% of adults report having a midlife crisis.

how to create meaning

The created agent has only a kind of ‘ secondary ‘ agency, on the analogy of secondary causality in general. As one respondent put it, a contract would be created between the practitioner and the trust. Thus, his system requires one to define an abstract type at the same point where it is created. He created some of the most magnificent works of art ever made. If she sees you with an ice cream she’ll only start creating.

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You might, for instance, coach a younger employee or help a member of your team who’s struggling. Putting yourself forward even in small ways can be replenishing. When they experience something that contradicts or challenges their way of negotiating the world they have to go through the transformative process of evaluating their assumptions and processes of making meaning. Experiences that force individuals to engage in this critical self-reflection, or what Mezirow called “disorienting dilemmas”, can be events such as loss, trauma, stressful life transitions or other interruptions. Observant readers might comment that these are questions typically asked about our vocations or professional activities.

how to create meaning

These questions are also repackaged in popular psychology and leadership self-help books, such as Find Your Why (Sinek, Mead, & Docker, 2017) and How to Find Your Passion and Purpose . King, L. A., Hicks, J. A., Krull, J. L., & Del Gaiso, A. K. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 90, 179–196.

If you feel like you don’t belong, then you have a lower sense of meaningfulness. Making connections with other individuals and maintaining these relationships are reliable ways to develop a sense of meaningfulness (Heintzelman & King, 2014). The philosophical question is aimed at understanding the meaning of life in general, as well as our role in that meaning.

Verywell Mind’s content is for informational and educational purposes only. Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Meaning is not something that exists outside of ourselves. It is not some cosmic universal truth waiting to be discovered.

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Our life circumstances and experiences change as we age. We go through various life stages, such as parenthood and career changes, and each stage presents us with unique challenges and achievements. Experimental laboratory studies have demonstrated a temporal relationship between positive mood and sense of meaning. Inducing a positive mood results in higher reports of meaning (for a review, see Heintzelman & King, 2014).

Wellbeing U, one of our free online learning platforms, offers a course on finding your purpose with life-coach and well-known author Richard Leider, author ofThe Power of Purpose. Moving into new chambers opens up the way for new possibilities to emerge, allowing our life purpose to evolve. But this can also prompt physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transitions and even sometimes a chaotic period as we begin to ask new questions. For instance, spending money on others and volunteering, eating fruit and vegetables, and being in a well-connected social network have all been prospectively linked to acquiring a sense of meaning in life.

how to create meaning

Her work has been published in The New York Times, USA Today, and The Financial Times. Ultimately, he says, his professional goal is to make an impact. “This idea of stewardship has helped me stay focused on my work, as best I can, during this tumultuous time,” he says. Look for ways to feel uplifted and take a break from the news from time to time. This is the British English definition of create.View American English definition of create. Definition and synonyms of create from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Seeing your life in this broader perspective can help identify what is meaningful and valuable to you. Managing our reactions can help us respond better to our lives, leadership and living. There’s a high degree of overlap between experiencing happiness and meaning – most people who report one also report the other.